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A Manual of Acupuncture $140.00
A Manual of Acupuncture CD-ROM $ 95.00
Acupuncture: A Comprehensive Text $ 65.00
Acupuncture Case Histories from China $ 35.00
Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children (Third Edition) $ 65.00
Acupuncture Patterns & Practice $ 35.00
Acupuncture Point Cards (Expanded Edition) $ 75.00
Acupuncture Point Cards: Supplemental Cards & Case Only $ 15.00
Acupuncture Points: Images & Functions $ 29.50
Anatomy of Movement $ 28.50
Anatomy of Movement: Exercises $ 29.95
Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis $ 75.00
Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis, Volume 2     $80.00  
Atlas of Manipulative Techniques for the Cranium & Face $ 40.00
Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies $ 85.00
Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica (3rd Edtion)  (after 8/31  $125.00) $ 99.00
Chinese Pulse Diagnosis: A Contemporary Approach  $ 85.00
Compendium of Sacro Occipital Technique: Peer-Reviewed Literature 1984-2000   $ 55.00  
Cranial Sutures:Analysis, Morphology & Manipulative Strategies $ 80.00
Cranioscacral Therapy $ 49.50
Craniosacral Therapy II: Beyond the Dura $ 45.00
Finding Effective Acupuncture Points     $ 29.95  
Handbook of Obstetrics & Gynecology in Chinese Medicine: An Integrated Approach $ 24.95
Japanese Classic Acupuncture: Introduction to Meridian Therapy $ 38.00
Ligamentous Articular Strain: Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques for the Body   $ 35.00  
Manual of Dermatology in Chinese Medicine $ 45.00
Manual Thermal Diagnosis $ 35.00
Mind Matters: Psychological Medicine in Holistic Practice $ 29.95
Patterns & Practice in Chinese Medicine $ 45.00
Osteopathy Research and Practice $ 34.95
Rheumatology in Chinese Medicine $ 65.00
Robert Fulford, D.O. and the Philospher Physician   $ 24.95  
The Female Pelvis Anatomy & Exercises      $ 24.95  
The Thorax $ 44.00
Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine $ 45.00
Trauma: An Osteopathic Approach $ 60.00
Urogenital Manipulation $ 48.00
Visceral Manipulation $ 50.00
Visceral Manipulation: The Video    $125.00  
Visceral Manipulation II $ 48.00
Warm Diseases: A Clinical Guide    $ 65.00  
Shipping: $5.95 first book, $3.00 each additional. Orders shipped U.P.S. to continental U.S. and book post elsewhere (inquire about air mail rates). Shipping
Tax: CA residents add 7.5% sales tax on subtotal only. WA residents add 8.9% sales tax on subtotal and shipping. Tax
Payment: U.S. funds (VISA/MasterCard or U.S. bank draft only). TOTAL:


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