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A Manual of Acupuncture Multimedia DVD

ISBN:  0-9559096-1-9


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This book is no longer available.

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A Manual of Acupuncture Multimedia DVD

Peter Deadman
Mazin Al-Khafaji
with Kevin Baker

The entire contents of A Manual of Acupuncture in an interactive, digital format!

Point Location & Needling
  • A video for every point
  • Shows how to locate and needle
  • Voiceover gives location, needling instructions and cautions

    Self-Testing Modules
  • Test your point location on images from the book
  • Test according to channels, point categories, body area or random points
  • Customize your own test, flag difficult points and re-test, add your own notes
  • Test your knowledge of Chinese point names
  • Test your knowledge of all channel pathways
  • Multiple-choice tests for U.S. exam preparation

    Plus . . .
  • View, print and search every word in the book
  • High quality color graphics
  • Clickable icons on every point page bring up body area illustrations and Chinese pronunciation of point names
  • Full indexes
  • Interactive and customizable 21st century ‘Bronze Man’ self-testing modules for points, channels, point names, etc.
  • Suitable for Windows or Macintosh formats.

    Minimum system requirements:
    DVD-ROM drive and 450MB hard drive space. (Computers with floppy disc drives may cause slight errors.) PC: Windows 2000, XP or Vista with Pentium III, 600MHz, 128MB RAM. Macintosh: OSX 10.3 running on a G3/G4 Power or Pentium Mac with 128MB RAM. Incompatible with the Mac Lion (OS 7) operating system. Minimum screen resolution 1024 x 768. Users with mini laptops may need to change their setting in order to view the whole screen - see www.jcm.co.uk/dvdsupport for details.

    Please note that the security system in operation on the DVD requires that you have the disk in the drive whenever you want to run the application.


    "This DVD is a super enhanced version of the wonderful book by the same name. As an acupuncture student, I have found the electronic search enabled version of the text handy and time saving (something all students need!) This, however, is only the beginning. The videos for point location and needling are invaluable, as learning to locate points on a real person is, well, real. The DVD also has several test options for learning point locations, names, channel identification, and more. These tests are a superb way to study and an engaging way to get through rote memorization of the points. Plus, you get to hear proper pronunciation of the Chinese point names, no more guessing!"
    Christopher Rogers (Amazon.com)

    "This is really what I've been waiting for. I always wanted to have the Manual in digitalized form, to have it with me and to have the full text search options. But the tests and videos with all their options make it the perfect study material, absolutely great!"
    Larissa Backes

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