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741 pages, 7" x 10"
200 illustrations
ISBN: 0-939616-00-9


Acupuncture: A Comprehensive Text
by the Shanghai College of Traditional Medicine
translated & edited by John O'Connor & Dan Bensky

Compiled by the faculty of one of China's leading schools of traditional medicine, Acupuncture: A Comprehensive Text is among the most authoritative textbooks and reference sources in its field. Since its translation into English in 1981, it has become a standard text used throughout the world.
Included are descriptions of more than a thousand acupuncture points, hundreds of prescriptions (both ancient and modern) for the treatment of numerous diseases, and detailed discussion of a variety of acupuncture techniques and modalities ranging from ear, head, hand and foot acupuncture to moxibustion, cupping and surgical techniques.
There are chapters devoted to modern research concerning acupuncture phenomena, and others which critically analyze ancient theory and methodology. The editors have also provided a lengthy introduction to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, a select bibliography of current research published in English, and extensive indices.

"Unquestionably the single most useful book in English for the study of acupuncture."
Ted Kaptchuk, O.M.D., C.A.


  • Channels: Traditional physiology and pathology of the primary, miscellaneous, divergent, connecting and muscle channels
  • Points: Location and therapeutic properties of more than 1000 acupuncture points
  • Techniques: Dozens of acupuncture and related techniques including ear, hand, head and foot
  • Therapy: Multiple prescriptions, both ancient and modern, for the treatment of over 100 disorders
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