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Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis, Volume 2 
by Barbara Kirschbaum

This second volume of Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis works seamlessly with the first to facilitate the connection between the theory of tongue diagnosis and the reality of practice in the clinic. As in the first volume, the case histories and related photographs are organized around the various disharmonies of the organs. Here, however, the tongue signs are evaluated in the broader context of the other symptoms and clinical findings -- including the vitality and constitution of the patient -- to reveal the actual process of diagnosis and formulation of a treatment strategy in each case. This provides a true picture of how tongue diagnosis is integrated into the whole of diagnosis and treatment.

Altogether, one-hundred and ten individual case histories are considered. By analyzing several different case histories related to a particular organ system, the diagnostic procedures and treatment strategies become clearer and more realistic to the student and practitioner.

The analysis of these case histories is based on nearly twenty-five years of clinical practice, and reflects the author’s approach to learning: “I believe in the importance of a discussion that clearly narrates the steps used to formulate treatment strategies, and that allows practitioners to share their findings. I have found that this process increases and improves the awareness of the participants by helping them synthesize all the signs and symptoms while incorporating the ‘nature’ of the patient in the formulation.”

"With tongue diagnosis being such a crucial part of herbal practice, the combination of the author's scholarship and many years of clinical experience make this book a welcome addition not just for clinicians and students, but also for educators looking for a case oriented approach to teaching tongue diagnosis."    
Todd Luger, Chinese Herb Academy

 "This is an excellent book and an essential companion to volume one. ... The photographs in volume two of this major work are, if anything, even better."  
 Journal of Chinese Medicine


  • Introduction

  • Tongue Signs Associated with Disharmonies of the Spleen

  • Tongue Signs Associated with Disharmonies of the Kidneys

  • Tongue Signs Associated with Disharmonies of the Stomach 

  • Tongue Signs Associated with Disharmonies of the Lungs 

  • Tongue Signs Associated with Disharmonies of the Heart 

  • Tongue Signs Associated with Disharmonies of the Liver  

  • Tongue Signs Associated with Blood Stasis  

  • Tongue Signs Associated with Heat  

  • Changes in the Tongue Following Treatment

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