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264 pages, 7" x 10"
107 illustrations & tables
Smyth-sewn softcover
ISBN: 0-939616-73-4

Japanese Classical Acupuncture: Introduction to Meridian Therapy

Shudo Denmei
translated by Stephen Brown
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Meridian therapy is a school of Japanese acupuncture which is distinguished by its emphasis on the classics, its utilization of the five-phase points in treating the root of disease, and the importance which it attaches to palpatory skills in diagnosis and point location. 

Japanese Classical Acupuncture: Introduction to Meridian Therapy is noted for the clarity and simplicity of its style, and is the most highly regarded introduction to this subject in Japan. The theoretical and historical basis, diagnostic framework and treatment strategies of meridian therapy are discussed in detail.

The author provides a step­by­step introduction to pulse and abdominal diagnosis, and explains how to incorporate the concepts and techniques of meridian therapy into other styles of acupuncture. The text is interwoven with case histories and anecdotes from the author's lengthy practice.

Extensively edited in collaboration with the author to fit the needs of Western acupuncturists, this book opens the door to Japanese classical acupuncture for Western practitioners.


  • Theoretical Foundations of Meridian Therapy: yin/yang & the five phases, etiology, basic principals 
  • Diagnosis: looking, listening, questioning, pulse & abdominal diagnosis 
  • Differentiating the Pattern of Imbalance: symptomology of the Organs, meridians and other parts of the body, practical examples 
  • Treatment: root & symptomatic treatment, five-phase points & their application, selection of points 
  • Case Histories


"For those interested in the refined and subtle art of Japanese meridian therapy, this eminently readable translation is an invaluable and well-thumbed companion."
—Stephen Birch, L.Ac., Author