eBook FAQs

Many of our books are available as digital eBooks. For this purpose, we use secure PDFs that offer content identical to the print version. You’ll be able to:

  • Highlight
  • Take notes
  • Add bookmarks
  • Search
  • Navigate instantly with one click

Do these PDFs require a special reader?

Yes. Our eBooks are readable only with a PDF reader called Javelin. (They are not accessible using Adobe Reader.) The Javelin Reader has robust highlighting and note-taking features. It also offers bookmarking and search functions, in addition to clickable shortcuts that allow lightning-fast access to all the content in the print edition. Javelin is a free download.

Are your eBooks readable on all devices?

With a few minor exceptions, yes! Our Javelin eBooks are compatible with Windows and Mac OSX, and on phones and tablets that run iOS or Android. They are also supported by Kindle Fire tablets, but not Kindle Reader. See a full list of compatible devices.

What permissions and limits come with my eBook?

Your eBook offers unlimited viewing on up to three of your personal electronic devices, with no expiration date. If you like, you may also print up to one full copy of your eBook for your personal use. For security purposes, screen captures are not allowed.

How do I receive my eBook?

Your eBook is downloaded directly after checkout, followed by an email containing a link to the Javelin reader, and an access code—unique to you—that opens the eBook.

How does the access code work?

Your access code enables the book to be read on up to three of your personal devices, either now or in the future. (It is used only once for the initial opening on each device.) For example, use your eBook first on your desktop computer and an iPad or Android tablet. Later, if you purchase a third device, you’ll be able to use that as well with the same code. Upgrading your operating system? No problem: your eBooks are always available, no matter how many times you upgrade.

What if I need more devices?

While access to your secure eBook is initially set to three devices, should you replace one of your devices with a new one in the future, as a registered user you may simply contact us at that time to add your new device. A small fee will be charged for this purpose.