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Acupuncture for the Eyes

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Acupuncture can be used for treating a wide range of eye disorders, from conjunctivitis and hay fever to glaucoma and macular degeneration. In some cases, such as degenerative diseases of the retina, there is no effective treatment in conventional medicine, while in others, like acute conjunctivitis, acupuncture offers a cure which is quicker and more effective than other modalities.

Acupuncture for the Eyes is a practical manual that can be used by any competent acupuncturist to expand the scope of their practice to include disorders of the eyes. The book provides clear, step-by-step guidelines for diagnosis and treatment coupled with a discussion of the results that can be expected.

At a minimum, all acupuncturists should know how effective acupuncture can be in treating conditions of the eye, even though they are not commonly treated in Western acupuncture clinics at the present time. This will change as more acupuncturists become familiar with this important aspect of practice, and patients learn how helpful acupuncture can be in maintaining and restoring healthy eyes.

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  • List of Illustrations  


  • Introduction 
  • Anatomy and Physiology The Organs and the Eyes 
  • Some Diagnostic Features 
  • Causes of Eye Diseases 
  • Acupuncture Points That Affect the Eyes 
  • Treatment Principles and Techniques 


  • Retinal Problems Leading to Loss of Vision 
  • Fluid Problems 
  • Lens Problems 
  • Problems of the Front of the Eye 
  • Problems of the Extraocular Muscles 
  • Miscellaneous Problems 
  • Bibliography 
  • Appendix 1 Summary of Patterns 
  • Appendix 2 Treatment of Blood Insufficiency and Anemia 
  • Appendix 3 More about Mercury 
  • Appendix 4 Some Commonly Used Medicines 
  • Point Index 
  • General Index


"Highly recommended for treating common eye problems in adults and children."
—Oriental Medicine Journal