Treating Psoriasis with Chinese Herbal Medicine
196 pages, 5.8" x 8.3"
ISBN: 978-3-000603-150

Treating Psoriasis with Chinese Herbal Medicine

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This is the first book in English solely focused on the treatment of psoriasis with Chinese herbal medicine. A hands-on guide, using illustrations and case histories, this book helps TCM practitioners make precise diagnoses and immediately start treating patients suffering from psoriasis.

Includes over 122 excellent color photographs showing the diverse types and presentations of psoriasis, as well as a helpful table differentiating eczema and psoriasis. Fully indexed.

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  • Overview and Basics of Chinese Dermatology
  • The Skin
  • Western Point of View of Psoriasis
  • The Perspective on Psoriasis in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment According to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Modern Pharmacological Research
  • Clinical Cases of Psoriasis
  • Appendix I: The External Treatment of Psoriasis with Chinese Medicine
  • Appendix II: Colored Tongue Atlas
  • Appendix III: Pinyin-Chinese-English Formula Cross Reference
  • Appendix IV: Pinyin-Chinese-English Herb Cross Reference
  • Appendix V: Source Text Bibliography
  • Index
  • Reviews

    “This fabulous book is the most comprehensive description of psoriasis treatment with Chinese medicine that I have ever seen. Detailed discussion of the pathology of the illness from both Chinese and Western points of view, traditional insights into the use of each herb backed up by modern bio-medical research, numerous case histories followed up by a larger case study concerning the very common psoriasis of the scalp, and all laid out in a clear and logical manner that is a pleasure to read. If you have patients with psoriasis, I strongly recommend that you buy this book.”
    —Steve Clavey

    “The stand-out aspect of this text for me is that the author does not simply present us with dry clinical information—whether describing biomedical facts or traditional Chinese medicine theory, she frequently comments on them from her own clinical perspective. … The hard-won clinical knowledge of an experienced practitioner shines out from these pages, such that the author even structures the book by listing the primary patterns in order of their frequency in her clinical practice. … A genuinely useful clinical contribution.”
    —Daniel Maxwell, The Journal of Chinese Medicine