Anatomy of Yoga
220 pages, 7" x 10"
500+ color illustrations
Smyth-sewn softcover
ISBN: 978-0-939616-92-3

Anatomy of Yoga

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From pose to pose during yoga, the muscles guide the bones, maintain the joints, protect the nerves, suspend or lift parts of the body – their roles are quite varied. 

To this end, they must be both strong and supple, able to relax, to stretch, or to combine several functions to coordinate their actions. A well-designed yoga practice can gradually develop these different qualities within the muscles. 

Anatomy of Yoga is a guide to the different roles played by the muscles in yoga practice. Through helpful examples and over 500 color drawings that illustrate individual poses and how each pose engages one or more muscles, the reader is able to distinguish and understand their various roles. This, in turn, leads to a more enlightened and beneficial yoga experience.

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Chapter 1. Some Basic Concepts About Muscles

Chapter 2. Muscle Strength and the Poses

Chapter 3. Muscle Relaxation in the Poses

Chapter 4. Muscle Length and the Poses

Chapter 5. Flexibility and Strength in Certain Poses

Chapter 6. Muscle Coordination in the Poses

General Index

English-Sanskrit Index of the Poses Discussed

Sanskrit-English Index of the Poses Discussed


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