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The Practice of Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion: Classic Principles in Action

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The Practice of Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion: Classic Principles in Action is an in-depth introduction to a form of treatment practiced in Japan that is based on the classics of Oriental medicine. It provides a bridge for traditionally trained students and practitioners who are having difficulty transferring their knowledge of Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion into clinical practice, and will inform the reader’s work with the breadth and depth of the classics. It is a very popular book in Japan. 

Part One provides the basic information needed to understand and diagnose the most common patterns of disease. Part Two sets forth guidelines for treating a wide variety of disorders including those affecting the musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, and urogenital systems. Case histories and drawings vividly illustrate the theoretical discussion of each disorder and its treatment. An introduction by the translator illuminates certain aspects of this work which may be unfamiliar to students in the West.

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Translator’s Introduction

Part One

  • Therapeutic Guidelines 
  • Lung Deficiency/Yang Excess/Heat Pattern 
  • Spleen Deficiency/Yang Excess/Heat Pattern 
  • Lung Deficiency/Yang Deficiency/Cold Pattern 
  • Kidney Deficiency/Yang Deficiency/Cold Pattern 
  • Spleen Deficiency/Kidney Deficiency/Cold Pattern 
  • Spleen Deficiency/Yang Deficiency/Cold Pattern 
  • Liver Deficiency/Yang Deficiency/Cold Pattern 
  • Spleen Deficiency/Liver Excess/Heat Pattern 
  • Spleen Deficiency/Liver Excess/Blood Stasis Pattern 
  • Lung Deficiency/Liver Excess/Blood Stasis Pattern 
  • Liver Deficiency/Yin Deficiency/Heat Pattern 
  • Kidney Deficiency/Yin Deficiency/Heat Pattern 
  • Spleen Deficiency/Yin Deficiency/Heat Pattern

Part Two

  • Introduction to Clinical Studies 
  • Neuromusculoskeletal Diseases 
  • Respiratory Diseases 
  • Circulatory Diseases 
  • Diseases of the Digestive Tract and Related Complaints
  • Urogenital Diseases 
  • Women’s Diseases 
  • Neurological and Psychological Disorders 
  • Miscellaneous Disorders

Point Index
Herb & Formula Index: English & Chinese
General Index


"A beautifully produced book designed by the award-winning Gary Niemeier for Eastland Press, and a joy to read. Rich with nourishing clinical advice."
—Steve Clavey, The Lantern