Susi Hately

Susi Hately absolutely loves anatomy as a means of understanding yoga asana and yoga practice. In addition to Anatomy and Asana: Preventing Yoga Injuries, she is author of the "Deepening Your Practice" series, which includes The Sacro-Iliac Joints, The Knees, and The Shoulder Girdle and Cervical Spine. She is also the facilitator of the Anatomy and Asana workshop series taught internationally. Each month she sends out an “I Love Anatomy” e-lesson to a global online audience.

The author’s diverse background, which includes a BSc. in Kinesiology, yoga certification, experience in physical rehabilitation, ergonomics and a keen interest in mind-body medicine, provides a functional and common sense approach to her teaching. Her students say that her style is engaging, empowering, and loads of fun.

Susi lives in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) where she owns and operates Functional Synergy, a yoga therapy studio that specializes in designing customized yoga programs for people with injury or illness.

Anatomy and Asana: Preventing Yoga Injuries