William Maclean

William Maclean is a graduate of the New South Wales College of Natural Therapies (Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1987) and the University of Technology Sydney (M.Sc Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2004). Will interned at the Red Cross Hospital in Hangzhou, China, and apprenticed for several years under the renowned Chris Madden. In addition to the Clinical Handbook series, Will is the author of several works on Chinese medicine, including the Clinical Manual of Chinese Herbal Prepared Medicines and the Clinical Handbook of Chinese Herbs. Will has taught widely in Australia, Europe and the U.S., and while recently retired from nearly thirty years of clinical practice, maintains an ongoing interest in the development of strategies for the understanding and treatment of chronic infection (lingering pathogens) and chronic inflammatory disorders.

Clinical Manual of Chinese Herbal Prepared Medicines

Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine